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Center Introduction English Version


Innovation and Practical Training Center with two divisions of food technology and animal production was officially established in January 1995. The training objective is to develop practical and automation skills for students through the philosophy of "learning by doing."


1.To develop up-to-date practical technology to keep pace with or stay ahead of the industry, compete with other countries in agriculture in the coming era of free trade market.

2.To adapt theory to practice, knowledge to technology, and improve agricultural education.

3.To avoid the limited financial resources being shared by too many of the agricultural educational institutions, effectively use the budget to enhance practical training equipment and to train professionals in agriculture.

4.To arouse the interest of students and farmers in participating in the industries.

5.To facilitate promotion work of existing agricultural institutions.

6.To play a key role in providing and transferring the most important and adequate technical information on the latest development to the agricultural industry.

7.To develop teaching aids and training equipment for other agricultural institutions.


■ Animal Production Division

Automatic feeding for dry sow; electronic recognition and feed control system; wet feeding system; electronic identification in performance testing; floor heating or cooling system; automatic sprinkling system; automatic flushing system; animal houses with forced ventilation and wet pad cooling system (automatic boar and sow house, automatic layer house, automatic breeder house, automatic broiler house, automatic caged broiler house, automatic confinement colorful broiler house, automatic dairy cattle house, automatic beef cattle house, stray dog shelter for training); hatchery house; meat processing and hygiene training center; milk processing house; waste water management equipment and analysis lab.

■ Food Technology Division

Unit operations section; refrigerated and frozen foods section; cereal foods processing section; baked foods section; thermal processing section; extrusion foods section; automation and control section.



At present, animal production division holds one-day seminars on latest know-how and one-week technical training courses on pig, poultry, cattle, laboratory animal, pet animal or confined animal. Aside from these regular seminars, the Center also offers the equipment for our students to practice, and students are divided into several groups: pig, layer, broiler, native broiler, breeder, meat processing, dairy cattle, beef cattle and dog. The Food Technology Division holds seminars on food processing technology and provides professional skills training.


1.Students from vocational agricultural schools and technology institutes (universities); 2. Agricultural industry; 3. Farmers; 4. Agricultural promoters and teachers; 5. Foreigners.


The average annual trainees are around 300-400 students, 4000-8000 farmers and 100-200 foreign participants.